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About National Milk Bank


The National Milk Bank (NMB) is a nationwide organization that collects donated human milk, ensures milk safety and quality and makes it available for infants in need. We strive to make quality human breast milk available to all premature and critically-ill babies. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all qualified donors across the United States to donate their milk by making the donor process convenient and confidential.

We abide by all HIPAA regulations and make certain that all donor identities and information is kept secure.

NMB Mission

We exist to provide premature and critically-ill babies with the best possible nutrition for survival and healthy development.

NMB Goals

  • To provide a confidential way for mothers across the U.S. to donate their milk.
  • To build a network of support for breastfeeding mothers and parents of premature infants.
  • To ensure safety and quality of human milk through screening and processing.
  • To provide supporting scientific studies of the benefits of breast milk for all, especially premature, infants.